From Ronja

8 december 2023



Soft electronic cover

I HAVE CREATED a soft electronic cover of Rövarsången from the fantasy movie Ronja Rövardotter. My version is inspired by Tears in Rain with Vangelis, May It Be with Enya and Härlig är jorden with The Real Group.

I have recorded a version where I sing chorus in a light, soft soprano version. I have added an electronic music landscape using digital synths from Logic and Arturia, and mixed that with a digital piano and virtual choir and violin from the East West sound library. The drums are created with Logic’s Drum Machine Designer and with three analog sampled sounds.

Original composition by Björn Isfält. Music production, song & cover art by me.

New collab

23 september 2023


To Walk on Water

Collab With Daniel Sterner

I WROTE THE LYRICS, chords and melody for this song over 10 years ago in 2009, in a period when I had started to feel the need for a faith in my life, after many years as an atheist. As a kid I believed in Christianity, but I eventually got scared because of the sometimes dark texts and sermons.

Even though it started more like a need, I have over those years found a personal faith (I now don’t confess to any specific religion – but I of course have respect for people who do). And even though there have not been any great miracle as I pray for in this song, I have experienced small events that together help me believe.🌸

This one is a collab with Daniel Sterner who has created the synth arrangement for the song. I have recorded the vocals & written the song. Photo: Johan Stahrberg . Cover & photo editing by me.

New lullaby

25 november 2022


Annabell Olsson

Music for Dream Peace

A SWEDISH LULLABY about an enchanted princess that has been accidentally lost and lives among us. My father used to sing it to me when I was a kid, and I really liked it.

I remember that I thought that the phrase “in silk and velvet she dances by” (i siden och sammet hon dansar förbi) was “in silk and velvet she dances for the bees” (i siden och sammet hon dansar för bina).

🗝I recorded this lullaby on behalf of my dear music friend Diana Rönnberg as part of the “Dream Peace” art project, and I will share the video she created for the song soon as well.

Text: Lennart Hellsing. Music: trad. (England). Song, production & cover art by Josefin Berger. Thanks to David Engström for help with the mix.

New album!

8 august 2022


A New Dawn (Where I Can Blossom)

Synth pop meets fantasy

MY FIRST full length album. With this record I go into not only the world of fantasy, but also the world of synthesizers. Many of the songs are about new beginnings and leaving old things behind, since I’ve myself gone through some quite big changes when writing the songs for it.

It’s a DIY record with music, lyrics, song, production and coverart by me.

New single

30 sept 2021


My Angels I Pray To You

A ballad with piano, song and violin

THIS IS A prayer I wrote in December 2018, where I ask for help to be true to myself and to listen to my heart – welcome to use it. It is a calm song that is suitable to listen to when you go to sleep or rest. 💗

I sang it one octave higher originally, and I have played it live a couple of times. You can read more information and see the lyrics for the song here.

Written, performed and produced by me, Josefin Berger. I’ve also taken the self portrait and created the single cover.

New single

24 June 2021


Your Adventure

To meet a fairy in the forest

I WROTE THIS SONG in 2007 when I studied music at Nordiska folkhögskolan in Kungälv, inspired by the many long nature walks I took in the beautiful neighboring forest.

I have played it live several times and also earlier recorded a demo of it. But it’s only now, around 14 years later that I’ve finally created a proper studio recording of the song. You can read more information and see the lyrics for the song here.

Bass: Andreas Verdin. Synth & choir: Daniel Sterner. Electric guitar: Rikard Peson Petersson. Lyrics, music, song, piano, drum loop arrangement, mix, master, self portrait & cover design: Josefin Berger.

New single

27 April 2021


My True Love Is The Darkness

A sad epic love ballad

I WROTE THIS SONG in 2019 inspired by a love story in my own life and the one between Rumpelstiltskin as the “Dark One” and Belle in the fantasy TV serie “Once Upon A Time”. “Amin mela lle” which I sing at the beginning and the end of the song means “I love you” in Elvish (Tolkien).

I recorded and produced it on my own spring 2021 in my simple home studio. You can read more information and see the lyrics for the song here.

Written, performed & produced by: Josefin Berger.

Folk single




A Nordic lullaby with piano and song

A SONG FROM THE FANTASY ??? children’s movie Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter). Ronja is a girl growing up among a clan of robbers living in a castle in the woodlands of early-Medieval Scandinavia.❄️ I sing it in Swedish, it’s original language.

This single is based on a recording I made on my own a decade ago in 2010 that I only have on my Youtube. I’ve now made a better version of it; I’ve for ex. lowered my heavy breaths & raised the volume of the song. And now you can listen to this new one also at Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, etc. where it’s never been released before. ❄️💗❄️

Song, piano, music production & cover design: Josefin Berger. Lyrics written by: Astrid Lindgren. Music written by: Björn Isfält.

Fun single



Go Kiss an Orc (Chapter 2)


A NEVER ENDING STORY. ???A fun, retro & dance-friendly orc version! My song Go Kiss an Orc is a kind of a ”music serial” and is released in different versions. This one have a little bit more 80s synth pop feel to it.

Lyrics, music & song: Josefin Berger. Arrangement & Synthesizer Engineering: Daniel Sterner. Mix: Rasmus Olander & Oliver Höstrup. Recording: Rasmus Olander, Oliver Höstrup, Jakob Wojenko & Sebastian Pousette. Recorded at Recordia in Varberg, Sweden.

Calm single



I Wish (Piano & Harmonies Version)

Acoustic relax music

OLDER THAN THE MOON. ???A calm version of I Wish with piano & harmony singing to sleep, dream & meditate to, or to have in the background while you’re reading, drawing or having a game night with your friends.???

This is a relaxing remix of my song I Wish that I made to my friend Linnea Götstav for a movie to her Renaissance Life jewellery collection of 2011. I recorded it in 2010 – and decided to release it digitally now in 2020, a decade later.

Written, performed & produced by: Josefin Berger.

Old single



Swedish Love Song

mystic electronic downtempo

OLDER THAN THE SUN. This song is from a time where there where no mobile phones and the internet was brand new, when there where dragons in the air and fairies dancin’ at all Swedish meadows (you know, That time).

Yes, it’s actually two decades old! Swedish Love Song is one of the first songs I made, way back in 2002. Now you can stream/download it at Spotify, Itunes and the like.

The song is about falling in love, and the feelings of uncertainty that can bring …

Written, performed & produced by: Josefin Berger. 

Upbeat single



Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter 1

Synth pop / electronic dance music

I WROTE the song inspired by working at fantasy events, The Lord of the Rings and the high soprano melodies of Kate Bush. Go Kiss an Orc will be released in different versions. This I see as the main one.

Lyrics, music & song: Josefin Berger. Synth arrangement/produced by Per Persson (Encke Division) & Josefin Berger.

Full band



I Wish


I WROTE I Wish when a person close to me faced a time of great darkness. Maybe you or someone you know are having difficulties in life right now – then this song is for you too.?

Music, lyrics, piano & song: Josefin Berger. Rikard Peson Petersson – electric guitar, Daniel Sterner – synth & choir, Simon Welander Martinsen – drums.

Master: Sebastian Persson. Mix: Andreas Svedén & Sebastian Persson. Recording: Andreas Svedén, Sebastian Persson, Johan Tull, Alfons Hasselberg, Jakob Wojenko, Asad Mariwan. Recorded at Recordia.

First orc!



Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue

electronic Pop | Remix: Eanan

THE SONG is inspired by Kate Bush, working at fantasy events and The Lord of the Rings. But why does the remix come before the original version, you may ask yourself. Well, every good story needs a sparkling prologue, doesn’t it?

Remix: Eanan. Music, lyrics, piano & song: Josefin Berger.

Debut ep


Listen Physical EP

Before It Was, It Was Dreaming

Epic dream pop

WITH LYRICS about secret friends, singing trees, dancin’ fairies, true love & and an infinite dragon universe this EP will take you off to another land.  Relaxing music for you who love fairy tales & fantasy.

Lyrics, music, song and piano: Josefin Berger. Violin, string arrangements and harmony singing: Camilla Hedner. Recording & mix: Marcus Larsson.

Music Videos

Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter 1. Orcs: Louise Thörner & Mattias Manne. Elf: Nils Klintenberg. Video produced & cut by me.

This lovely music video to my song Poem of Love is crafted by my dear friend Diana Rönnberg.

Waiting on an angel is written by Ben Harper. You are welcome to download my version of it for free here! Video created by me.

Follow the fairy?

It’s for really adventurous people to follow in my footsteps, because I might cast a magic spell on you (or two) – and it might change your life forever, for better or for worse, who knows?

Well, but try it out if you have the guts to!:) You can follow me at Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud & Twitter.