Dreamy music from Sweden

I live in Sweden in the goth city Gothenburg together with my boyfriend Johan in Linné, and travel regularly up to Arvika where I study the third year of the Music Production Programme at Ingesund School of Music. This third year of studies was made possible due to a scholarship from Anna och Edwin Bergers stiftelse which I’m very grateful for.

I have been singing since always, played the piano since around ten, wrote my first songs as a teen, and started producing my own music spring 2020, as 36 years old. I have dabbled a little with music producing two periods earlier in my life, but the little I knew then I had forgotten when I decided to learn about it in 2020. I’m glad I decided to follow this route since it gives me so much more creative freedom.


I’ve been singing for as long as I remember. Growing up I used to take long walks with our German Shepherd dog and sing for the trees and birds, or sit by the piano and play and sing my heart out. I often felt more confident singing than speaking in groups of people, and I sang what I couldn’t find the courage to say. Nowadays I feel more confident to also speak, but my singing voice is still a very important part of me.

For me it’s a healing practice both to create and to listen to music. And it’s been a vital part of my life to listen to music, as I believe it is in many other peoples lives too.


I’ve always loved fairy tales, fairies and magic, and often pondered of the mysteries of life – I think there is more beyond what we can perceive with our eyes. Hence I like to write about subjects like elves, fairies  and dragons.

Growing up I read a lot of books and the fantasy trilogy The Lord of The Rings was a favorite –  which I actually consumed twice in a row because I missed the different characters so much when the trilogy ended, it felt lonely without them by my side.

As a kid  and youngster I also took classical piano lessons, sung in the church choir and played french horn in a youth orchestra – a heritage that perhaps sometimes can be felt in my music. Me and my two years younger sister also used to sing a lot of harmony singing together.

To create my own songs is a way to practice self love for me, since I’ve simply always loved to sing and write. And there are few things that makes me as happy as when my music can touch the souls of other people, especially since I know for myself how much listening to music has given me over the years.

My connection with music

Music I grew up with

have been one of my greatest joys in life. It has comforted me in dark, lonely times, and made me let go happily on the dance floor (or in my apartment;) in good times. Life would be extremely dull without it.

My favorite dance song is Take on me with Aha. If I’m really sad I feel comforted listening to Ode To My Family by The Cranberries.

Here is a playlist I’ve created with some of my favorite music from my childhood and youth that have influenced me a lot and that I still love.

Thank you

for taking the time to read about me. May your day be filled with love, creativity & magic! <3 / Josefin