Fairies, dragons, singing trees and secret friends …

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MY LATEST FANTASY POP SINGLE: My Angels I Pray To You, a calm song with piano, song, violin and bass.


Warmly welcome to the hidden fairy tale land! A place with trolls and dragons, beauty and magic. Deep forests with witches and long lost secrets. Trees that sings in the evening and fairies that dance at dawn. And I, I am the music fairy in said fairy tale land.

My arrangements moves between singer-songwriter music, synth pop and new age music, and since I live where magic is a natural part of life I write fantasy inspired lyrics. Or as I sometimes say more simply about my music: I write “fantasy pop”.

OH, WELL, this sounds actually really nice! Where to find me, you might wonder now? Well, starry nights you can hear me sing in the fairy forest, close to the alder tree at the Fairy Glade.

Don’t ask the old owls in the forest for direction, trust me, they Don’t know the way, whatever they say. There are some signs with directions in the forest but Don’t follow them, they’re practical jokes made by the white rabbits (I know, they have their own sense of humor:).

You need to go east of east, and west of west. Then you walk until you see a very old tree, you climb up a hill, go down a slope, pass a huge anthill and wish for the best. You’ll need to walk three days to get there, or get a ride from some crows or a dragon, if you find one. I can draw you a map if you need one and send it to you with my black raven.

Or, you can simply follow my voice, and you’ll find me