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Josefin Berger in a pink Fairy Tale Forest

Die hard fan

Even though my listener numbers are still quite small, I want to brag a little about my die hard fans. Every full moon the trees are singing my songs and the wind is whispering my name – simply because they just LOVE my music and want more people to find it!

If you too are a die hard fan of my music and would like to help them with their quest that is more than welcome! Below are some suggestions.

WayS You CAN support mY CREATIVITY
  • Follow me on Spotify.
  • Add my songs to your own Spotify playlists.
  • Buy my design products & music from my webshop.
  • Give a friend a tip about my music.
  • Follow me on Youtube & SoundCloud.
  • Follow my music channels on social media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Donate money – will be used to create more music & design products!
  • Book a gig or tip an organizer you think should.
  • Tip a music blog/magazine/podcast or Spotify playlist creator about my music.