Your Adventure

Your Adventure – a song about meeting a fairy

To meet a fairy in the forest

Your Adventure

A happy new age / fantasy song with oriental inspired drums about meeting a fairy in the forest that tells about the meaning of life.


I wrote it in 2007 when I studied music at Nordiska folkhögskolan in Kungälv, inspired by the many long nature walks I took in the beautiful neighboring forest. And by the way I think it was when I wrote this song that some people started to call me “the fairy”.

I have played it live several times and also earlier recorded a demo of it. But it’s only now, around 14 years later that I’ve finally created a proper studio recording of the song. Enjoy!💗


It was recorded 2020 at Recordia in Varberg with the help of producer students Sebastian Persson, Johan Tull, Alfons Hasselberg, Jakob Wojenko, Andreas Svedén & Asad Mariwan during their recording weeks.

After that I’ve then mixed the song myself and I also added the drums, that are built up by 8 of Logics own drum loops

A special thank you to Kevin Delay from Vibe Crib for helping me find three of the drums, and also a special thank you to Kordian Rönnberg from Combi Cats for great listening feedback of the mix on one occasion when I was working with it.


Bass: Andreas Verdin.
Synth & choir: Daniel Sterner.
Electric guitar: Rikard Peson Petersson.
Lyrics, music, song, piano, drum loop arrangement, mix, master, self portrait & cover design: Josefin Berger.

Released 24 June 2021




I was walking in the forest all alone,
and I was feeling alone, I was crying.
But then suddenly, the darkness disappeared,
and I saw this very, very bright light in front of me.
I felt drawn to it, and when I came closer
I saw the most breathtaking sight I’ve ever seen,
wandering among the trees, singing a song, was,
a fairy, and she sang:

“Oh, there is nothing you should fear
for everything is love, pure love.

You chose to live long before you where born
cause you wanted to know how it would feel
to have adventure instead of eternity,
and when you go, you come again.

La la la …

Maybe you will choose to be an alder tree
to know the wind like an alder tree knows it,
and in your next life maybe you will be
a panther, wait you’ll see!

La la la …

You’re here to create beauty,
and to know that you are love

La la la…

Oh, there is nothing you should fear
for you will live forever”

She came closer, dried my tears and said:
“You wanted the Adventure.”
And then she started to walk away.
So there I was, all alone again in the forest,
and all she left me was the smell of summer …

“La la la …”