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WELCOME TO BOOK enchanting music for your forest party, festival, spiritual gathering, café, fantasy event, club, wedding, castle or tree house, etc!

Contact me: howdy (at)

Home Town

I live in Gothenburg in Sweden.

Technical Information

– Since I travel solo and also don’t have a driver’s license I prefer to travel light. Currently I need a key sensitive piano with a sustain pedal, a PA mixer and PA speakers, 1 microphone + 1 mic stand ready for me when I come. I will bring 1 Stereo Breakout 3.5 mm TRS to Dual ¼ in TS cable for backtracks to connect with my computer/phone.

– I own a sustain pedal, a microphone, a mic stand and a Behringer mixer I can bring, if needed.

– If the budget allows I can hire PA speakers and a person to help me drive and carry the PA speakers and my own Nord Stage eighty eight digital piano.

– For the summer of 2022 I plan to create a 45 min set of completely electronic based songs that I can perform without a big piano, and only with backtracks. Perhaps I’ll bring my lightweight midi-keyboard Arturia Keystep 37 to have with me on stage. If you happen to have a nice piano I’ll maybe mix the performance with some piano based songs as well.

Josefin dressed as a fairy